Allah Mere Allah

Allah Mere Allah Naat Lyrics By Farhan Ali Qadri, Allah Mere Allah Hamd Mp3 Download, Allah Mere Allah Allah Mere Allah.

Allah Mere Allah Lyrics

Allah Mere Allah Allah Mere Allah
Allah Mere Allah Allah Mere Allah

Ya Ilaahi Rehm Kar Likhdey Meri Taqdeer Mein
Rawzaey Khairul Bashar Likhdey Mere Taqdeer Mein

Ey Mere Rab Shehrey Makkah Sey Madine Ki Taraf
Aana Jaana Umr Bhar Likhde Mere Taqdeer Mein

Guzre Din Makke Mein Shab Guzre Madine Paak Mein
Roshni Ka Ye Safar Likhde Meri Taqdeer Mein

Jitney Bhi Ayaam Ab Baaqi Hein Meri Zeest Ke
Hoo Madine Mein Basar Likhde Meri Taqdeer Mein

Ye Sadaa Hein Roozo Shab Qalbe A’lime Zaar Ki
Phir Madine Ka Safar Likhde Meri Taqdeer Mein

Farhan Ali Qadri

Farhan ali qadri mp3 naats free downloadFarhan Ali Qadri is one of the most popular Naat Khawan in Pakistan and around the world. His naats are in Urdu, Punjabi, Sariki, Sindhi & Balochi languages. He started reciting naats just at the age of five. He got fame with his melodious voice and unique style. Farhan has performed in every corner of Pakistan and all over the world. He is capable of performing for hours.

He was born in 1995 in Jacobabad. Farhan Ali named by his elder brother Hamid Ali. He got his training of reciting naats from Sheikh Muhammad Shafi of Jacobabad. In his early days, he performed locally in Milads and school events. He won many prizes at school, district, provincial and national level. His first popular naat was “Noor Wala aya hai”. His first album was released in 2006 and in the next two years, he released three more albums. All his albums are super duper hits. He won PTV award and numerous awards for his heart touching naat Khawani. Nowadays he is performing in more than one event daily.

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