Bula Lo Phir Mujhe

Bula Lo Phir Mujhe Female By Hooria Faheem Qadri Mp3 Download, Bula Lo Phir Mujhe Naat Lyrics.

Bula Lo Phir Mujhe Lyrics

Bulalo phir mujhe Ay Shahe Bahro Bar Madine mein

Mein phir rota howa aaon Teray Dar per Madine mein

Mein pohonchon kowe jana mein garebaa chaak seena chaak

Gira day kaash mujh ko shook tarpa kar Madine mein

Madine jaane walo jao,jao FiAamanillah

Kabhi to apna bhe lag jae ga bister Madine mein

Salaame shook kahna Hajeo! mera bhe roo roo kar

Tumhein aae nazar jab Roza-e-Anwar Madine mein

Piyaame shook laite jao mera qafilay walo

Sunana daastane gham meri roo kar Madine mein

Mera gham bhe to dekho mein para hoon dour Taiba se

Sakoon pae ga bas mera dile muzter Madine mein

Na ho mayoos deewano Pukare jao tum Un ko

Bulaein gay tumhein bhe aik din Sarwar Madine mein

Bulalo ham ghareeboon ko Bulalo Ya Rasool Allah

Pae Shabeero Shaber Fatima HAider Madine mein

Hooria Faheem Qadri

Hooriya Faheem Qadri mp3 naats free download

Hooria Faheem Qadri was born in Karachi. She was one of the most famous female Naat Khawan nowadays. She is appearing regularly on QTV and other Islamic TV channels. Hooria started Naat Khawani just at the age of five years. Her more than 20 albums released till now. She was married to Faheem ud Din Nizami and has one son and one daughter. She traveled to many countries for Mahafil-e-Naats, especially in the UK. Hooria Faheem has millions of fans worldwide. She always encourages the females to recite Naats. Below are some of the most popular Naats of Hooria Faheem Qadri.

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