Madad Ae Mere Allah

Madad Ae Mere Allah By Junaid Jamshed Mp3 Download, Madad Ae Mere Allah Naat Lyrics.

Naat Madad Ae Mere Allah Lyrics

Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Aye Mere Allah

Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Aye Mere Allah

Tere Ishk Ki Intihaan Chahtahu

Meri Sadgi Daikh Kya Chahtahu

Sitam Ho Ke Ho Bada’e Bae Hijabi

Koi Bath Sab Razmaan Chahtahu

Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad aye mere Allah

Zara Sath-o-Dil Hoon Magar Shokh Itna

Wohi Lantharani Sunna Chahtahu

Yai Jannat Mubarak Rahai Zahidon Ko

Kai Mai Aap Ka Samna Chahtahu

Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Aye Mere Allah

Bhari Baazma Main Raaz Ki Baath Kehdi

Bara Bae Adab Hoon Saza Chahtahu

Koi Dham Ka Mahal Mahuai Ahl-e-Mahfil

Charab-e-Sahar Hoon Bujaa Chahtahu

Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Madad Aye Mere Allah

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed mp3 naats free downloadJunaid Jamshed was a Naat Khawan, pop star, fashion designer, host & preacher. He got fame from his song Dil Dil Pakistan. He was born in 1964 in Karachi. His father was in Pakistan Air Force as a group captain. He is a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. He started his singing career in 1983. His band Vital Signs released his first album in 1987. He leaves the music industry when his career was at the peak. Junaid Jamshaid devoted himself to the preaching of Islam. He was also in the list of top 500 influential Muslims.

In the late 1990s’ he met with renowned scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel in a Tablighi Ijtima. Junaid Jamshaid leaves the music industry and devoted himself for religion. He came back into music for a while and leave the music industry completely in 2004. Junaid struggled financially after leaving the music industry. He came over his financial problems after the success of her clothing brand J. Junaid Jamshaid recites many naats from 2003 until his death. His popular Naat albums are Jalwa-e-Janan, Badr-Ud-Duja, Hadi-Ul-Anaam, Noor-ul-Huda etc.

He died in a plane crash with his second wife while he was returning to Islamabad from Chitral. His plane was crashed near Havelian killing all the passengers. His death remembered as a national tragedy. Maulana Tariq Jameel offered his funeral prayer and he was buried in Darul Uloom Karachi.

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